Embark on a transformative journey with our MICRO NEEDLING REJUVENATION, a meticulous procedure where ultra-fine needles delicately traverse the skin surface of your face.

Micro Needling Rejuvenation

This innovative treatment stimulates collagen production and encourages the formation of new skin through controlled microtrauma. Experience minimal discomfort, as a topical anaesthetic cream is thoughtfully applied prior to the procedure to ensure your comfort.

Delve into the intricacies of Microneedling, where fine needles intricately weave across the entire surface of the facial skin. This process initiates the body’s innate ability to regenerate and repair the skin, responding to micro-damage by fostering new collagen production.

Witness the regenerative journey unfold as the body releases its own growth factors in response to micro-damage, kickstarting the production of fresh collagen and elastin. As tissues undergo remodeling, newly formed blood vessels mature, resulting in a sustained tightening effect on the skin.

Our Microneedling treatment goes above and beyond by integrating an electroporation system, enhancing the effective delivery of nutrients into the skin. The procedure remains virtually painless due to the application of a topical anaesthetic cream.



Embark on a journey of skin renewal with MICRO NEEDLING REJUVENATION, where precision meets innovation for a revitalized and radiant you.